Testimonials from our trusted clients

Testimonials from our trusted clients
– BRYNDIS BJARNADOTTIR Campaign Manager at Amnesty Iceland
I have used Oil of Iceland for 2 weeks now. I mostly use it under my eyes but also on red spots that I tend to get on my face. I see huge difference on my skin, the lines under my eyes have decreased and the skin is more even. The red spots are gone! I highly recommend this genius product.
– SOLEY KRISTJANS, DJ, Marketing manager & model
Very pure product and powerful. I used it for 30 days and I can see the difference with my skin glowing and with more elasticity. It feels like the fine lines are less visible and I would recommend the Oil of Iceland to everyone who care about themselves and the environment.
– LINDA P. Entrepreneur and previous Miss World
I have always taken good care of my skin and I believe that there are many factors that affects our skin. For example healthy diet, sleep and environmental factors. Natural creams and oils are also important for our skin. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try out Oil of Iceland and I am very fond of the oil and it´s ability to restore and nourish the skin. I apply the oil on my face and neck before I go to sleep. I will absolutely continue to use the oil and enjoy the benefits.
– SOLEY ASTUDOTTIR, make-up artist represented by Art Official Agency in Norway
As a make-up artist I have tried so many skin care products and "I absolutely love Oil of Iceland! I used to take a spoon of cod liver oil every morning when I was growing up and I truly belief in the power of cod liver oil for the skin.
– VERA P. TERZIEVA, founder Re-Cover international
I began using Oil of Iceland about 3 weeks ago and I am floored by the results! I am 30 years old and am beginning to see the fine lines appearing around my eyes and on my forehead, especially when my skin is dry or when I wear foundation to cover up the pigment spots that come after picking (yes I am also a piker). I have used all sorts of expensive both commercial and biological and natural products and I have never experienced such a fast and effective result with any of them. My skin is normally dry or too oily when using heavy creams, Oil of Iceland hydrates it ideally without leaving it greasy. Additionally, the most exciting thing for me has been the face that my pigmentation stains have begun disappearing. It makes me the happiest woman in the world because I now barely need to use any make up!
I am very happy with the Oil of Iceland product/treatment. I can clearly see change in my skin after using the product for 30 days. I had a red spot that was very noticeable on my face, but after the treatment the redness has reduced 50%. I also find my skin colour more even and my skin is extremely soft.