About Us


Like her grandmother and mother, Asta, founder of Oil of Iceland, consumed a spoonful of cod liver oil every day from early childhood onwards.

Cod liver oil is a way of life for Icelanders and has been used for ages to improve health and prevent various health problems. Later in life, when unable to find a natural solution for her eczema and allergies, Asta started to experiment with mixing cod liver oil in her ointments. The results were incredible and again the omega-3 fatty acids proved their healing power. The fishy smell, however, was dreadful. Yet, inspired by the cod liver oil, Asta did not give up and finally discovered a perfect blend that would give the oil a much more pleasant smell. Many years and many experiments later – with the support of Lysi,
a 100-year-old cod liver oil producer based in Iceland – Oil of Iceland was born.



- Our goal is to encourage our customers to focus on their largest organ and treat their skin, from the inside out, with love and care for at least 30 days.

- We believe that by staying committed for 30 days, our customers are taking a big step towards becoming healthier and treating themselves better.

- We believe that beautiful skin starts within but needs to be maintained from the outside as well.

- We believe in transparency and honesty. We acknowledge that while our product is effective, more sleep, less stress, plenty of water and some exercise is just as important and should not be underestimated.

- We believe healthy skin is beautiful skin.