Oil Of Iceland is for you if your concerns are fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Our magical SKIN DROPS are made from natural Icelandic cod liver oil. Oil Of Iceland believes in a holistic way of skincare, treating the body inside out and therefore developed a skincare regimen that consists of a pure skin serum to be applied twice daily and Oil of Iceland capsules for daily intake.

Cod liver oil has been consumed for ages in Iceland for the healthbenefits but Oil of Iceland is the first product developed to be applied directly ON skin. Many consider cod liver oil one of the world’s best-kept beauty secrets for healthier-looking skin. To add even more power to our formula, our CAPSULES are full of omega-3, hyaluronic acid and collagen that all work from the inside out to improve hydration and plumpness, protect skin cells and boost elasticity.

Oil of Iceland is a skincare brand made from the very best icelandic sea products. The ingredients are mainly based on the amazing Omega-3 oils that have been proved by research to heal and rebuild the skin. Omega-3 oils are rich of EPA- and DHA  fatty acid and serve as the essential building blocks of skin’s surface layers, creating a smoother, more even, fuller and healthier complexion. Specially developed to improve the health of tired, dry and dull skin. 

We have added astaxanthin and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to our formula with an even more powerful results. Astaxhanthin works with other antioxidants to boost their potency and helps to reduce moisture loss and keep skin fresh and healthy promoting a smooth complexion. Working against age spots and wrinkles, it breaks down collagen to increase skin elasticity and plump skin. Astaxanthin boosts cell renewal working towards anti-aging. AHA works against aging skin  as these acids help in reducing signs of aging (such as wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines) and improve the skin texture and elasticity